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Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
syria escalating to another dangerous level today. the israeli military fired today at syrian artillery units after stray shells ended up on their side of the border in golan heights. israel doesn't believe it was targeted just spillover from the sill war but warns it will respond. the spillover is happening in turkey, syria's neighbor to the north. the syrian opposition appointed a new leader today to try and topple president al asad's regime. and more fallout after possibly the biggest scandal at the bbc. two senior exec it tiffs stepped down after the broadcasting company's top leader resigned. accused of covering up the sex abuse story of a star. the person is believed to have sexually abused children during his 40-year career. the tv station wrongly accused a top politician of child abuse. the broadcasting giant is now facing a major overhaul. jessica? >> thank you very much, janelle. >>> well, the puppetteer who performs as elmo on sesame street is accused of having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. kevin clash says he broke no laws in the relationship between the t
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
month. >>> more fighting today along the syria border with turkey. the two countries share a border over 500 miles long and much of the recent fighting has taken place right there. activists say the death toll is now 38,000 since the uprising began 19 months ago. and today france became the first european power to officially recognize syria's opposition coalition and said it will consider arming the rebels. raj. >> thank you, janelle. >>> exoneration for the sesame street puppeteer accused of having inappropriate relations with a teenager. in a surprising turn-archd today, the man who accused kevin clash of having sex with him when he was 16 years old now says it isn't so. the unidentified man admits the relationship was consensual and that he was of legal age. clash responded he's relieved and said this painful allegation has been put to rest. no word tonight on when clash will return to the show. >>> well, you can now add target and toys r us to the list of stores opening early for black friday. they're actually opening thanksgiving night. so very early. some target employees aren
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm PST
in syria. >>> and a changing of the guard in china. today, he began the once in a decade transfer of power to vice president ping while the world's second largest economy continues to grow, president hu warned public anger over corruption is also growing and called on his 2,200 party members to be ethical. china as you may know has seen many more dissidents in recent years. >>> thank you. his itinerary is making history. president obama will become the first u.s. president to visit myanmar and cambodia. the trip marks a drama turn-around in the country's relations with america after decades of violent military rule. but exiled activists and human rights groups are likely to criticize the president's planned visit. in cambodia, he will attend the east asia summit. ? . the president is facing economic uncertainty and certainly will the rest of the year. today that translated again into another down day for your money. company that are both losing and making money. >> another rough day on wall street. we'll start with losses and they're piling up for apple. the cupertino company saw
Nov 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
update for the syria key resorts. kirkwood doing the best, 26 to 36 inches. that full seven-day forecast in minutes. >>> tonight in health matters, teenage boys are bulking up and not always in healthy ways. a new study from the university of minnesota examined for minnesota 2,700 teenagers at urban middle schools and high schools. more than two-thirds of the boys say they've altered their eating habits while 90% say they're exercising to increase muscle size or tone. 80% of girls are also exercising more to be more buff. more than a third are using protein powders or shakes and about 6% report they're using steroids. experts now ask if they're resorting to steroids at a ages of 13 to 15, what will they be doing at the ages of 18 or 20? >>> day care has many benefits for children but a new study is finding more children are likely to be overweight than those who stay home with their parents. canadian researchers followed about 1,500 kids over a period of a few years and found that 50% were more likely to be overweight or obese. but what they couldn't figure out is why. the study
Nov 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
political life. >>> hewlett packard has responded to questions about selling products directly to syria. the world's largest pc maker said in a letter today its products could have been delivered to syria through resellers or distributors. the s.e.c.'s office of global security risk had asked hp to describe the nature, duration and extent of its past and present business with syria. the company says it did not authorize sales of its products to that country. they >>> still ahead at 6:00, getting into the holiday spirit. a live report at a tree lighting ceremony in san jose. >>> and an orange and black friday. we'll explain. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. tracking clear skies in san francisco tonight for a couple of tree lightings in downtown with low 60s. 61 right now in san jose. it's going to get cold tonight. temperatures dropping into the mid 50s. your weekend forecast is coming up. >>> there is a lot of activity in downtown san jose right now for christmas in the park. the emcee for tonight's festivities, marla taya. she joins us live. good evening, marla
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
they're innocent. >>> overseas in syria, new video surfaces showing syrian fighter jets bombing the outskirts of damascus. the rebels were also aggressive today with reports they assaulted and executed eight government soldiers. 33,000 syrians dead since the uprising began 19 months ago with no end in sight. >>> at least 22 people dead and more than 100 injured after a fuel tanker drove into a highway bridge in ri adin the capital city of saudi arabia. the explosion was so powerful it collapsed a nearby building and destroyed several cars and a bus. the truck driver reportedly swerved into the bridge to avoid another accident. >>> decision 2012 is heading into the final weekend. president obama received a key endorsement today from new york city mayor and independent michael bloomberg. with just five days until the election mr. obama campaigned across three battleground states, wisconsin, nevada and colorado. you see now mitt romney who was also campaigning in virginia today. both sides concentrating on nine swing states which is considered to be likely to make the difference. >> th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6